World’s Longest Bridge X 2

Yesterday, we drove over Confederation Bridge which apparently, is the world’s longest bridge covering ice-covered water. Today, we drove over the world’s longest covered bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick.IMG_20150721_155806444We stopped alongside it for a picnic. ┬áThe kids are getting rather tired of picnics.IMG_20150721_160606628


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  1. Hi Sharon, John, Sophie and Olivia: Glad you 4 are having such a good time in the beautiful areas of the Maritimes. Anne of Green Gables sounds like it was so much fun. If you come around our way in Ontario, be sure to drop in for a visit. Also Stan and Bev are in Montreal and I know they would love you to see them, but visiting and camping and traveling can be daunting

    love Aunt Roberta

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