Hanging out in Montreal

There are lots of things going on in Montreal.  As we wandered, it seemed like we stumbled upon festival after festival. The swing was part of the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. I’m surprised by all of the free events….it’s such a treat!IMG_20150724_174229896


Almost 4 weeks have passed since we ate at Katz’s in NYC, so we had to try Montreal’s Schwartz’s Deli. It’s been smoking meat for 80-something years.IMG_20150724_181228993IMG_20150724_182826612



We walked around for several hours.  Sophie thinks Vancouverites are much healthier — “Why does everyone smoke?”

We went to see Notre Dame Cathedral. IMG_20150724_201804901_HDR


And, we were all a bit tired.IMG_20150724_201637471_HDR



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  1. Dear John, Sharon, Olivia and Sophie , What a fabulous trip you
    have had !! You are probably back in the US by now – looking
    forward to seeing you Monday evening some time . AJ

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