Connecticut and NYC

We arrived in Connecticut at around noon on July 1st.  It was an incredibly long journey.  After a nap, we went for a swim and picnic on Todd Beach, Long Island Sound.  It was beautiful!

Today, we’re exploring New York City — Grand Cental Station, Times Square, NYC Library, Carousel and juggling at Bryant Park.  Just heading to the Empire State Building.


Technical Difficulty at Seatac

imageAfter boarding the plane and settling in, we heard the dreaded announcement,”Sorry folks! Due to a technical difficulty, we request that you gather your belongings and exit the aircraft.”

Olivia and Sophie didn’t mind — Alaska Airlines provided us with a delicious snack pack.  And, Olivia has discovered her new favourite cheese, smoked Gouda.

What’s another 3 hours when you have a snack paimageck and Wikki Stix?!