Tour de Quebec …

Yesterday, we cycled 28 kilometers around Quebec City. We’re staying at the city-run campsite in Beauport which offers free bicycles.  You can imagine the condition of the bicycles; however, we decided to cycle to le centre ville. My bicycle had a terribly bent tire but we discovered that Quebec City has great cycle paths.IMG_20150723_122052465_HDRIMG_20150723_135546450_HDR


We stopped at the Marche de Vieux Port for yet another picnic lunch — quiche lorraine.IMG_20150723_124022908



We visited La Place Royal, learned about Samuel de Champlain and tried on costumes.  Tres drole, n’est pas?!IMG_20150723_152702545IMG_20150723_152742677



We feasted on some traditional French-Canadian delicacies — poutine!IMG_20150723_173354535


And of course, we had to stop by La Petite Cabane a Sucre for la syrup d’erable!





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