Last day in NYC…

I’m feeling sad that today was our last day in New York.  We had a great time exploring the city — the galleries, the parks and the neighborhoods.

Today, we spent a lot of time on the subway.



We took a ferry ride to Staten Island for an incredible view of the Statue of Liberty and of Manhattan.  The best part of taking the ferry is that it is FREE!





Then, we walked around the World Trade Centre and saw the memorial of 9/11.  There are two new fountains in place of the former World Trade Centre Towers.  The memorial lists the names of all those who died on September 11th, 2001.  Today, a small American flag or white rose was placed into every engraved name.



After, we headed back to Cental Park.  I love it there!  We wandered through the Shakespeare Garden.  Olivia and Sophie climbed and played on rocks.  Then, back to Connecticut for mojitos,  dinner and Fourth of July fireworks, courtesy of the neighbors (though, they didn’t realize…).


We’ve also discovered fireflies… Olivia is obsessed!

2 thoughts on “Last day in NYC…”

  1. I love following your travels!! Reading your blog is the highlight of my day. Thank you JOSS.
    Looking forward tomorrow’s entry: Good bye NYC – Hello…. Maine?

    1. I love keeping a blog. I’m only using my phone for photos and text. Realize I end up with lots of typos but it’s so easy & convenient.

      Just got an email today from Alaska Airlines. We get a credit of $300/each for our crazy flight. Very happy…already thinking about our next trip.


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